Thursday, January 09, 2020

1968 Reviews of the White Album

 Time mag had the above to say about The Beatles, aka "the White Album," on December 6, 1968.  It's "a sprawling, motley assemblage," among other things.
"Caveat emptor," Newsweek said on December 9, 1968.  Shouldn't they have said, "caveat lector" -- "let the listener beware"?  It's all a blank … or is it bubblegum?

Time has proven both of the reviews a little petulant.  yes, the White Album is overblown.  It's underproduced and overproduced, by turn.  But it's still a wonderful capture of not only the fractured times of 1968, but the fractured creative and personal lives of the Beatles, who belonged to themselves and not to our expectations.

Goodnight, everybody, everywhere.

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