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The Ghouls -- edited by Peter Haining

Scary Books, Kiddies!

 The Ghouls.  Edited by Peter Haining, 1971.  Pocket, 1972.  No cover credit

            Pocket Books doesn’t give the name of the cover artist.  We all recognize the images.  However, this cover is an egregious example of bait and switch.

            Starting clockwise with the center image are:
  • Bela Lugosi as Dracula;
  • Carol Borland as Luna in 1935’s Mark of the Vampire;
  • Lon Chaney, Sr as The Phantom of the Opera;
  • Boris Karloff as the monster of Frankenstein; and
  • Lon Chaney, Jr as The Wolf Man.
            Funny thing is, these “eighteen spine-tingling monster tales that became the most famous horror movies” don’t include anything relating to London After Midnight, Frankenstein, or The Wolf Man.

            Here are the actual contents:

·        Introduction, Vincent Price
·         The Devil in a Convent, Francis Oscar Mann
·         The Lunatics, Edgar Allan Poe
·         Puritan Passions, Nathaniel Hawthorne
·         Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux
·         The Magician, Somerset Maugham
·         Freaks, Tod Robbins
  Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connell
·         Dracula’s Daughter, Bram Stoker
·         All That Money Can Buy, Stephen Vincent Benét
·         The Body Snatcher, Robert Louis Stevenson
·         The Beast With Five Fingers, W.F. Harvey
·         The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Ray Bradbury
·         The Fly, George Langelaan
·         Black Sunday, Nikolai Gogol
·         Incident at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce
·         Monster of Terror, H.P. Lovecraft
·         The Skull, Robert Bloch
·         The Oblong Box, Edgar Allan Poe
·         Afterword, Christopher Lee



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