Friday, October 13, 2017

Poe-try Friday

Today's instalment of Blog-o-Ween is simply a little fragment of verse, from an eleventh-grader who has OD'd on Edgar A.

It's an in medias res situation: You're waking up from a nightmare, no doubt caused by uneasy grief after your loved one's death.

I know not on what ground my feet are resting;
   I recognize not the air my nostrils embrace:
All is, and shall be, darkness, divesting
   My soul from all affiliation with the human race.
And so, with cautious movement, my hands begin questing
And, after interminable time, find a resting-
   Place ---
Upon my lover's inert, lifeless face.

You tell me.  Did the narrator kill her in a sleepwalking daze?  Did she die of Scarlet Fever after he failed to bring the doctor in time?  Did she fall into a booby-trap which he had set to catch somebody trying to harm her?

Your guess is as good as mine.

See you on Monday! 
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