Thursday, January 12, 2017

Additional Seemingly Random Amazon Suggestions

I appreciate Amazon's "suggestion" algorithm, but sometimes it seems rather desperate in trying to interest me in other wares.  Amazon's suggestions are based on "items you own" and other criteria. 

Occasionally, what makes a suggestion amusing is the "item I own," which supposedly prompted the proposal.

Some examples:

Above -- because I bought a boombox (for work), I need a car seat?

Above -- because I own the Get Smart TV series, I should buy a specialized ratchet-wrench socket?  (Maybe because I'm a nut with a screw loose ...)

Above -- because I own The Addams Family TV series, I need a special cookbook?

Above -- another headscratcher based on owning Get Smart.  Perhaps this desk lamp was specifically designed for use in the Cone of Silence.

One never knows, do one?

See you Monday, fellow bemused observers of humanity!


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