Monday, September 26, 2016

Star Trek II Promo Flyer

          Some time between 1980 and 1982, I sent a fan letter to Paramount, asking for information about Star Trek II, and got about 100 copies of a color flyer, the kind you used to see on the freebie tables at movie houses.

          I’m only guessing about how many there were.  These flyers are on glossy card-stock paper, and the stack was at least one inch thick.

          I’m sharing them here as a kind of coda to August’s exhaustive (and exhausting) survey of the movie.

          Note that the film wasn’t called “Star Trek II,” simply “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.”

          Also you see that I had this flyer autographed by George Takei and Jimmy Doohan, at various appearances.

          Once upon a time, I had so many copies of this flyer that I was free to mutilate them.  I amputated part of page 4 and also took it with me to various media cons.  As you can see, I had this one with me when I encountered Walter Koenig.  Since Koenig’s signature isn’t on the complete flyer I scanned, evidently I only had the fragment with me at the time.

          Once upon a day in the mid 1980s, I went around to various OKC movie houses and asked the bosses if they had any leftover sci-fi promo stuff.  I ended up with several pounds of black-and-white newspaper-ad layouts, and variations of same, for several movies, including a buttload of different ads for Star Trek II.  But as far as I can find, those 11-x-17-size sheets are long gone.

          On the bright side ... see you Thursday, and be back here on Saturday, October 1st, for the first instalment of ...

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