Monday, August 01, 2016

Lost in Space, Volume 1 Is Here!

The product of a couple of years' work -- Marc writes it and I dilute his brilliance by insisting on verb agreement, and semicolons in long lists.

For any fans of the 1960s Irwin Allen series Lost in Space, a new book is now in release!  From the same guy who wrote the TOS series.  This is super-in-depth, about making of each episode, guests, versions of the stories, contemporaneous press coverage, etc, etc.
As the books’ editor, I can tell you that this is really deep-nerd-level stuff, and as checked-double-checked as we could make it.  If you are the type who likes in-depth and behind-the-scenes info, this is your book, the first of a multi-volume series about Irwin Allen’s TV oeuvre.
Here's a sneak peek at the Contents page:
Fans of TV production; of pop culture; of 1960s TV; of Baby Boomer interests -- you will like this book!  Like the These Are the Voyages books, there's background on production, story development,  the world at large, and ... so much more!

If you order from the publisher page, you should find a way to get my friends Marc to autograph your copy.

 See you Thursday, friends!

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