Monday, May 16, 2016

You Know They're Hiding Something

In my hundreds of books about oddness (and not one about ME!), several lay out their "proofs" that SOMEBODY knows SOMETHING, and they're not willing to share.

Some of these books are mainly sincere recountings of really odd or distressing things which, if true, show the nasty side of humanity.

 Some folks are more interested in making a buck from a credulous reader.  This is "have you heard?" or "over-the-back-fence" style of "writing."

 And some just pinch their noses and dive into the wacky implications!   When done well, as here, a semi-knowledgeable reader can smile along with the humorous intent.  What fun!

Come on in, the secret is always over the next hill, said the bear who went over the mountain.

See you Thursday.

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