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Fission for Sci-Fi

Here's a re-post of two compilations.

In the Olden Days of the late 1970s, I used to hold the microphone for my "cassette-corder" up to the three-inch TV speaker to tape TV shows, including their themes.  This started me on my quest to collect my favorite SF/F movie and TV themes.

Most of these tracks are from CD or internet, but a very few are still edits from TV sources.  I've re-done this compilation because last week I came across ten or so cassettes on a shelf in the Comics Closet in the Fortress of Markitude, and listened to them.  One tape had a dub of Track 2 my Star Trek TV theme edit, that didn't have the in-and-out, swishing/phasing noise that had been on WHAT I THOUGHT was my best copy.

So here it is again.  There are notes as to sources included.  While all the elements from Track 2 were indeed dubbed from a TV screen, I still think I did a pretty good job patching this thing together.  Especially since my editing was from one cassette deck to another, using the PAUSE keys of a JC Penney cassette deck much like this one:


01. Star Wars Suite - John Williams (12:32)
02. Star Trek TV (edit) - Alexander Courage (1:33)
03. Twilight Zone The Movie Overture - Marius Constant & Jerry Goldsmith (5:55)
04. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Anything Goes - Cole Porter & John Williams (2:51)
05. Star Trek The Motion Picture (edit) - Jerry Goldsmith (3:27)
06. Doctor Who (1980-1985) - Ron Grainer (2:43)
07. The Prisoner - Ron Grainer (4:13)
08. The Wild, Wild West (2nd Season edit) - Richard Markowitz (1:39)
09. The Martian Chronicles - Stanley Myers (2:04)
10. Tales of the Gold Monkey (edit - Mike Post & Pete Carpenter (1:18)
11. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (edit) - Stu Phillips (1:12)
12. Star Trek II and III Suite - James Horner (15:56)
13. Scarecrow & Mrs King - Arthur B Rubinstein (1:13)
14. Alien End Titles - Howard Hanson (2:51)
15. Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Jerry Goldsmith & Gerald Fried (1:19)
16. Battlestar Galactica - Stu Phillips - Eric Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops (3:31)
17. The Greatest American Hero - Mike Post & Stephen Geyer (1:47)
18. The Day the Earth Stood Still - Bernard Herrmann (1:48)
19. Themes from ET - John Williams & Walter Murphy (3:47)

As music fans know, the end credits sequence for 1979's Alien was an excerpt from Howard Hanson's Symphony 2, "Romantic."  I was thrilled to get a copy of the actual recording/performance of this work that was used in the film -- that's Track 14.

Let me know if you like it, and if you appreciate the old low-rent sound editing, smile with indulgence and let me know.

MA-06 - Science-Fiction and Fantasy Music

*  *  *  *  *

And here's another obsessive collection of songs for and against the Nuclear Age:

1   Jesus Is the First Line of Defense      Pilgrim Travellers   1951
2 Atomic Kisses      Earney Vandagriff 1955
3   Hydrogen Bomb      The Laurels      1961
4 The War Drags On Mick Softley 1965
5 Atom and Evil General Electric 1966
6 Please Don't Drop That H-Bomb on Me Country Joe & The Fish 1967
7 Wooden Ships Jefferson Airplane 1969
8 Political Science Randy Newman 1972
9 Nuclear Babies Oingo Boingo 1980
10 Let's All Make a Bomb Heaven 17 1981
11 Run Like a Villain Iggy Pop 1982
12 World Suicide Defuser   1983
13 Uranium Rock The Cramps    1983
14 Surfin' USSR Ray Stevens    1988
15 The Bomb Lifesavers Underground 1992
16 Atomic Power Uncle Tupelo 1994
17 The Bomb Inside the Bomb We Are Scientists 2002
18 Nuclear Blues Frances Plante-Scott 2004
19 Bomb.Repeat.Bomb.1954 Ted Leo and the Pharmacists    2007
20Atomic Bomb Brian Butler    2008
21 Atom and Evil Heaven and Hell 2009
22Atom Bomb Blues The Naptown Jug Busters 2009

MA-18 - Goin' Fission!: Pop & Rock with a Long Half-Life

See you Monday!


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