Monday, March 07, 2016

Action #305: Karen Blair Tells Her Story of Super-Resentment

Linda Lee (Supergirl) Danvers can't figure out why fellow Midvale teen hates the Girl of Steel so much.  Instead of leaving this state of affairs alone -- depriving us of a story -- she pursues Karen in a ttempt to ghet to the bottom of things.

Unfortunately, Karen almost gets to the bottom of a car crash, but for a puff of super-breath.  Then she lays the whammy on Supergirl, blaming the Kryptonian Kutie for the death of her father and her brother's future life in a wheelchair.

Let the flashbacks begin!

Our remembered tale begins as Dr. Blair is showing Karen's brother Phil around the old place, describing his latest project.  Turns out that Daddy Blair was trying to communicate with space critters.  Does he use light flashes, a kind of space Morse code?  Does he use radio pulses to try and impart universal mathematical concepts that will be recognized by minds across the universe?

No ... he tries a light show.  He turns his observatory into the equivalent of a planetarium laser light show.
There are several unforeseen downsides to this idea. 
  1.   The aliens might not have color vision
  2.   With distance, there is a pronounced color shift, so the message won't stay "true"
  3.   In 1963, Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon is still a decade away from release!

But miraculously, the aliens of Daxnar III not only receive and decode Blair's message of friendship -- they reply!

But, heck darn it!  Just as Dr. Blair was fixing to reply to the Daxnarians, a strange winged shape flew across the night sky just above the observatory.  Worse, it seemed to have zapped some kind of energy beam into the lab, setting it ablaze!

Soon Supergirl will share her own flashback.  See you on Wednesday!

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