Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Action #305: The Girl Who Hated Supergirl!

'The Girl Who Hated Supergirl!" appeared as the second story in October, 1963's Action Comics.  The script was by Leo Dorfman.  This tale established a canonical date for Supergirl's arrival on Earth: May 18.

This story's splash panel demonstrates the kind of chronal vacuum present in many comics stories.  Supergirl/Linda Danvers's hometown, Midvale,  is a typical small town, in which "everyone else" is Supergirl's friend.  So, shouldn't these two people (three if you count Secret Identities) have crossed paths before?

The story begins with a pastoral scene in which Linda (Supergirl)  Dancers and her boyfriend Dick Malverne are riding through the sward (like Dennis Moore), when Super-vision sees a girl in a canoe about to take a tumble.

A little augmented equestrian jump over a hedge, and Linda Lee Danvers is free to switch to Supergirl and rescue the girl.

Only problem is, Karen Blair freaks out at the sight of Supergirl.  She evidently would rather have taken her chances on the rapids than accept aid from the Maid of Might.  Why?

Come back Friday to begin unraveling this psychological mystery!

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