Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Action #305: Loose Lips May Sink Kryptonians

OCTOBER, 1963:  In our next vision of what Superman's life might have been like with his Secret Identity in jeopardy, we start over with Clark Kent arriving in Metropolis for the first time, still with an intact super alter-ego.  Think of it as an updated take on 1938, Action #1, and the first Superman story.   Only with a narrower focus.  And no Senator Barrows.  And no bouncing a bad guy's car off a cliff.  And no  .... NEVER MIND, JUST READ.

Yep, I agree that it is kind of attention-grabbing to see a photo of Superman hoisting a Green K rock.  (You might have a similar shocking effect with a photo of the President saluting a copy of the Constitution.)

Soon Clark is in the swing of the reporter's life, having made some swell work friends like Jimmy Olsen and that Lane girl.  But, with any sort of personal connection comes ... risks ...

You know, this first panel makes you wonder.  Hasn't Superman ever heard of LOCKING THE DOOR?

And the remainder of this page's events, while entertaining, remain similarly jarring -- though they make for a GREAT comic-book story.

It's not so out-of-bounds that a random janitor-type might overhear Jimmy being human and bragging about his Super-buddy.  That's his second job.  Of course, this implies that Steve Barnes, the master con man, must have pretty deep pockets.  The implication is that Barnes probably has spies in Lois's brunch group, Clark's favorite cafe, and Perry's country club ...

No, it just makes you wonder why the Super-brain of Clark (Superman) Kent doesn't wonder why there's a new window IN AN INTERIOR WALL.  Oh -- it's not a window -- Barnes swapped out a "normal mirror."  Now we wonder, what newspaper stockroom features a four-by-four-foot mirror.

The page's last panel is a condensation of our cover scene.  Unlike some other DC tales, this story does not simply shrink down the original cover art -- it's the same scene but re-drawn.

OK, thanks to Jimmy Olsen's desire to associate himself with greatness, we have the stage set for a dreadful outcome.  Now that these schmoes know that Superman is Clark Kent, what will happen next?

Come back Friday to find out!


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