Friday, February 26, 2016

Action #305: Between the Stories

Meanwhile, messages from our sponsors.

I always considered these ads, but never followed through on subscribing.  Heck, I bet my folks would have GIVEN me the money for a subscription!  Have you ever seen a comic book in somebody else's stack that has an apparent white vertical crease down the center?  It's my understanding that the subscription comics were folded in half to mail.  Thease creased copies wer subscription copies.

I always love reading the letters in the letter columns,  I'd wonder why I hadn't thought of this objection, or that bit of inconsistency.  I also enjoy cringing (now as then) to the atrocious attempts at humorous ripostes by the editorial staff.

These letters are a typical mix of praise and finger-pointing.  The letter from Harvard students is the kind of letter you'd see several times a year.  Sometimes a bunch of guys from an Army post overseas would write; sometimes it was a couple of girls in an advanced high-schoool math class.

But the effect was all the same:  We're smart/important/substantial types, and we read DC Comics.  So take heart if your big brother or parents or the older kids at school tease you about reading them.  They have redeeming social value!

If I could only say that about myself, dear readers!  See you Monday.

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