Thursday, December 17, 2015

Silly Amazon Suggestions

            As the commercial realm tries to get you to BUY-BUY-BUY things, on Thursdays I’m going to share some of the left-field suggestions that Amazon’s algorithms have calculated for me.

            You know how it works.  If you buy A, Amazon’s computers suggest that you might like to by B, because B is the same sort of consumer item as A.  Or, B is an author who sells the same genre of books as A.  USW. (German:  “und so weiter,”  their version of  “et cetera.”)

            In each case, the object of examination is not really the product suggested, but the REASON why the product was suggested.  The two products don’t as a rule suggest each other!

 OK, I bought a cassette/CD boombox.  Does that necessarily make me so old that I've got a kid the needs a car seat?  To be honest, I'm so old that even my GRANDKIDS have no need for car seats!

 What one attachment for a socket set has to do with the original Get Smart, I can't say.  Sorry about that!

 This is a real puzzler.  I assume that the Daniel referred to is the one from the Fiery Furnace in the Bible.  Does that mean you should only eat BBQ?  I'm for that, baby!

But what a theologically related diet has to do with TV's The Addams Family is beyond my ken,
ne comprends ?

 Tish, that's French!

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