Monday, November 09, 2015

Tomorrow’s Tech … Today!

Tomorrow’s Tech … Today!

Many futuristic inventions have come to pass, while some may never be realized.

[Some of this was used as content for the Program Book of SoonerCon 24 in June 2015.  Hope you like the idea!]

          The May, 1971 issue of National Lampoon featured a series of satiric features on “The Future.”  Articles included “Toilets of the Extraterrestrials”; instructions on forecasting the future with alphabet soup; and a horror comic dated 2571, written by cockroaches, about the warm-blooded “!Thing frum 20th Sentury” (man).

          A 1989 book by Malcolm Abrams and Harriet Bernstein titled Future Stuff made hundreds of projections of items “that will be available by the year 2000.”  Here are a few of the entries, some of them with their modern-day equivalents:
·         smart house
·         deodorant underwear
·         homing device implant (RFID chip)
·         pocket computer (smart phone)
·         watch pager (Apple watch)
·         hand-scanning security
·         interactive game network (MMORPG)
·         aquatic exercise machine (endless pool)
·         supermarket self-checkout
·         do-it-all computer notepad (tablet/smart phone)
·         automobile collision-avoidance system (now available)
·         voice-activated typewriter (speech recognition software)
·         high-fiber cupcakes
·         touchless faucet
·         no-calorie sugar
·         computer shop-at-home (eBay, Amazon, etc)
·         non-fattening fat (Olestra, anyone?)
·         car navigation system (GPS)
·         Velcro diapers
·         guerrilla information network (Yelp, Twitter)
·         electronic book (Kindle, Nook)
·         simulated golf (Wii golf)
TV eyeglasses (iTV goggles)

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