Saturday, October 10, 2015

Terror of the Wolfman

In Junior High there were several boys who shared an appreciation of both monster movies and the Marx Bros.

When one guy said he could use his parents' 8mm camera, we took the idea and went to town with it.  We would make a monster movie, with Groucho Marx as the mad scientist character, who came up with a serum that he gave to an unsuspecting nitwit.

When this poor fool heard the phrase "peanut butter and banana sandwich," he would undergo a Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation into "the Wolfman."

I wrote this script/treatment, then, in the summer of 1973, when I was almost seventeen..

 The "Fat City Production" thing was probably a phrase stolen from Mazeppa Pompazoidi.

 Note the Gainax Ending -- the last refuge of the guy who's written himself into a narrative corner.

Here's a somewhat revised version that was commenced but never completed...

It is perhaps best for the sanity of the world that this magnum opus of demented genius remains uncompleted.

On the bright side, I would hope that this mid-teen gets marks for his script-formatting skills.

See you Monday!


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