Monday, June 15, 2015

Oklahoma City History - Chips Saving Stamps

 “You’re in the Chips!” is the slogan on the front of this booklet.  The phrase means you’re rich, referring to having a lot of betting chips.

According to an article in The Oklahoman, “Britton's history runs along railroad lines. The town was founded six months after the great Land Run of 1889 by people wanting to escape the blights of city life. The original plat of four blocks was recorded in Oklahoma City on Oct. 23, 1890.”

It’s in central-NW OKC area.

And for a while, shopping there paid off!

This is one of my thrift store finds … a book of saving stamps exclusively from the now-absorbed township of Britton, OK.  This kind of promotion is usually called "trading stamps."  Most familiar is S & H Green Stamps, now updated and called “Greenpoints.”

A filled page of these stamps looked like this.

The unfilled pages looked like this.

And here’s the back of the book, listing the “friendly merchants” who dispensed and redeemed these things.

Going down the list of merchants on the back,  I only found reference to ONE of these concerns in an internet search:

“Irby Rexall Drug” was a sponsor for the John Marshall High School yearbook in the 1960s, taking out a half-page ad in 1961.

I can only guess, then, that the “Chips Saving Stamps” program was a 1960s thing.

Want to share any trading stamps stories of your own?


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