Monday, May 11, 2015

OKC History -- Cash Dividend Check Corporation

Here’s another lost bit of history, part of the Trading Stamps saga of American consumer culture.

Precure’s Red Bud Food Center had ads in OKC’s John Marshall High School yearbooks in 1956 and 1962, I discovered.  That’s the only trace I found online of this grocery store. 

The likely address, now called 804 W Britton Rd, is now occupied by a Dollar Store.

I’ve got seven of these babies.  Six are dated as seen here; one bears the year 1961.

If you Google “Cash Dividend Check Corporation” you will find a lot of references to lawsuits!  The original company was a trading stamps concern that evidently found other folks using the same name, and sued ’em.

I really doubt that these are worth anything, but they still are a spiffy part of retail history and central Oklahoma history!


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