Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Movie Spoofs from the 1980s

Here are some movie spoofs I made up in the 1980s, and their TV Guide synopses.  More recently I dummied up some lobby posters for them.

Ailin’.  In this team-up of Sigourney Weaver and DeForest Kelley, Dr McCoy treats Lieutenant Ripley after her battle with an acid-bleeding life form leaves her critically injured.

Back to the Futura:  A young auto buff finds the only way to get replacement parts for his Ford is via time travel.

Sitar Wars:  When Earth is conquered by villainous HotherHubbardians, Ravi Shankar leads an underground army of India’s greatest musicians to repel the invaders.

Goosebusters:  When an invisible pervert begins terrorizing the women of New York City, vice cops Bill Scurry and Dan Arachnoid run smack into the supernatural.

Spanners:  A newly developed race of mutant, superfast auto repairmen is discovered by a TV reporter.  The film ends in a final showdown in which the loser’s socket set explodes.

While these dummied-up movie images are clumsy and amateurish, you get the general idea.

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