Monday, April 20, 2015

Adventures in Typos

Some typos are more noticeable than others!

We eagerly anticipated the publication of The Silmarillion in 1977.  The first edition (in the USA anyway) had an interesting typo on one of the first pages.

Anything look funny?  Look closer.

That’s right.  This isn’t the right name of the book!

This is!  The correct book title is "Farmer Giles," not "Father Giles."

Other typos can appear in music.

You are correct if you theorize that there is no Beatles song that begins with the word "Top" (Track 17).

And, for a CD re-release of 1971’s Chicago III:

 The problem here is simply that there should be a space or some kind of break between the listings for Track 10 and Track 11.  Tracks 11 & 12 are NOT part of the “Travel Suite” but do you believe the listing that prints Tracks 5-12 in a single block (implying all are part of “Travel Suite”), or the fine print that specifies that “Tracks 5-10” are?

I don’t know if it’s a misspelling or sheer stupidity, but I am so happy that one day on my constitutional I came across this one at the park:

I assume the scrawler was attempting to refer to “Charlie’s Angels” but instead they wrote "Charles angle!”

Isn’t it fun to notice other people’s misteaks mistakes?

It's part of what makes us so lovably human (not a Ro-Man).


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