Friday, February 27, 2015

Superman Explains His Radical Honesty

It's the end of the final story in Superman #176, "Superman's Day of Truth!"  We learned that Superman and Supergirl spent the day being brutally honest in honor of a Kryptonian holidy.  This celebration commemorated Val-Lor, who once stood up for freedom against Kryptonian invaders, even though he was killed for it.   His honesty inspired a revolt that chased the occupying Vrangs from Krypton.

As he explains his super-powered fudging that allowed him to SAY the truth even if the puny Earthlings couldn't understand it, Lois asks him, what about when you told the world your Fortress's location?

Aha! he informs them.  That's the middle of the ocean, where he ONCE did indeed have a fortress.  (This was in 1958's Action #244, "Superman's Undersea Kingdom.")

And so, our story comes to an end with the supporting cast understanding the reasons behind "Superman's Day of Truth!"  Typically, the final panel depicts our noble hero departing while Lois and Lana *sigh* dreamily.

The next page in this issue contains a DC house ad, touting the upcoming The Flash 80-Page Giant that, for some of us, was our generation's introduction to "Flash of Two Worlds!" and the concept of parallel Earths.

The bottom half is one of those typical "start a hobby" ads.

See you Monday for the final pages of this comic!


paul howley said...

I think you meant "DC house ad" not "CD house ad."

Mark Alfred said...

Corrected! Thanks, Paul. -- Mark

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