Monday, January 19, 2015

Available on the Bookshelves of the Invisible College

Here are some more of the tomes on intriguing subjects I have accumulated over the years.

The work of Loren Coleman  always gives you fascinatin' full value when you're wanting to learn about reports of odd animals or sightings of UFOs or other oddities.

This book (available in a 2007 edition) is a fascinatin' rhythm of tales from people who crossed paths with lights in the sky or critters in the woods.


The Orion Mystery  is one of a slew of books noting the similarities between the Great Pyramid field of Giza with the stars in Orion's Belt in the heavens.  Like the pile of mashed potatoes in Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind, this means something!

Mysterious, yes.  Beautiful in its photos of lonely stoned marking otherwise desolate hillsides, yes yes yes.  More signs left behind as proof that these constructions were intentional and well planned, even if we can;t figure out the message!

Another in the gosh-wow school... maybe it was aliens, maybe an earlier lost civilization.  Maybe your Auntie June piled up her laundry.

This last book is a series of essays on topics such as precognition tests, whether plants like rock music, the detectability of auras, and so on.  Usually the pattern is, "People say something weird is happening.  We tried to quantify this weirdness but nothing happened while we were watching.  Therefore it's not scientific.  But who knows what might happen next time?"

I don't know what will happen next time, either.  Check back and see!

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