Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick, Henry, the Kryptonite!

One of my earliest compilations of music based on one mind-numbing theme.  Hence the graphic design that is more amateurish than my current level of amateurism.

Some versions of the "Superman" themes, and a few songs ABOUT our favorite Kryptonian.  Some of them are pretty bumpin' as in Track One.

1)  Movie Theme - Walter Murphy
2)  Superboy TV Theme
3)  Superman - Herbie Mann
4)  The Adventures of Superman TV Theme
5)  Sound from Krypto / Movie Theme - Let's All Dance with Super Friends cassette
6)  Superman the Animated Series TV Theme (extended)
7)  The Batman / Superman Adventures TV Theme
8)  Movie Theme - Gotham's Greatest
9)  Comic Book Heroes / I'm Your Superman - Rick Springfield
10)  The New Adventures of Superman TV Theme
11)  The New Adventures of Superman Episode Title Music
12)  The New Adventures of Superman TV End Credits
13)  Movie Theme - Super Hero Music cassette
14)  It's Superman - The Supermen
15)  You've Got Possibilities - The Supermen
16)  TV Theme - Ruby-Spears
17)  Movie Theme - Cinema Sound Orchestra
18)  The Superman / Batman Adventures TV Theme
19)  Superboy TV Theme (Filmation cartoon)
20)  SuperPup TV Theme
21)  Movie Theme - Fleischer cartoons
22)  Theme from Superman (original) - Wonderland Space Shuttle
23)  Movie Serial Theme

Yes, the actual cassette labeling for Track Five is "Sound from Krypto," not Krypton.  Also I think the speaking voice sounds a little like a Robin Williams impersonation.

Well, I'll be a three-eyed Kryptonian Babootch!


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