Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bruce Wayne -- Closet Furry!

 Yes, that COULD BE the headline if this story were in The Tattler.  And why?  Read on, dear readers ...

Lois has decided that Bruce is Superman and therefore must he secretly tricked into marrying her so that she will thereby get her hooks into Superman.  Now, after a swanky date where Bruce played chicken to a nonexistent threat and thus raised Lois's suspicions further, they are on their way home when Lois sees some shady characters whom she recognizes as crooks.

The baddies get the jump on them, tying Lois to a chair and tossing Bruce into the fur cooler.  What other choice does he have to survive, than to dress up in all of those animal skins.  LIKE A FURRY!

Bruce escapes by using a lockpick from his utility belt, and rescues Lois.  After they've  reported the criminals to the local precinct, somehow it's a lot easier for Lois to conjecture that Bruce Wayne's (hypothetical super-)powers saved him from the deep freeze than that HE PUT ON A COAT.

"She's cute! She's smart! She can dance! And she can kiss!" -- MAYBE MY FRIEND WILL MARRY HER?!?!?  Are we sure that Bruce (Batman) Wayne doesn't need a male supplement?!?!

Now, in the last panel in today's installment, Bruce has a better idea than switching to Batman to nap the escaped "flying furrito brothers."  What idea?

Tune in Friday to find out!

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