Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As They Say ... Ze Plot, She Thicken

 OK, so helpful aliens have offered Lois a super-invulnerability potion, and she quaffed it, all the better to woo her Super-Hunk...

The aliens' helpful use of a "Bazor Tube" (huh?) has convinced Lois that she is indeed unbreakable.  So she decides to get Superman's attention by blowing up the top of a mountain to prove her resilience.

Seeing as this gal's daily routine averages about three life-threatening situations a day -- BEFORE LUNCH -- you'd think she could have just waited for things to take their natural course.  Surely a monster invasion or an  underworld assassination attempt was coming due, you'd think ...

For that matter ... did she file an Environmental Impact statement before this act of demilotion?  Does she have the proper permits?

In 1963's Lois Lane #38 there was a story about Lois getting a Signal Watch from Superman, but it was only a temporary situation for that story.  At the end there is talk that Lois MIGHT get one.  With schemes like this one, she sure is proving how mature and responsible and trust-deserving she is, don't you think?

Nothing forward about this gal, eh?  She staged this thing just to prove her unflappability to the Super-object of her affections.  Now she's safe to marry!

Of course, a semi-realistic thought balloon for the top right panel might have featured Superman thinking, "Looks: CHECK!  Invulnerability: CHECK!  Common Sense: ehhh.."

So of course Lois's second action is to have one of those "I know something I can't say" tete-a-tetes with Lana, her romantic rival.  After this she gurgles her daily prophylactic milk dose.

The next morning, it's just a ho-hum day.  Wind gusts of 100+ miles per hours ... Joe's Pizza is cited for public endangerment ...

And then? and THEN?

Find out Friday!


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