Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Last We Visited the Wolf Man ...

This past weekend Araya (just turned three) and I watched the first two-thirds of this wondrous movie.  She was pretend-hiding as Talbot's legs started sprouting fuzz, and looked away when he sprang in for his close-up, in the forest a minute later.
I explained to her that it was just hair glued onto the man's face, that it was just pretend.  I'm pretty sure she understands, since she is the one who likes to run down a darkened hallway with hands arched into claws, hollering, "Monsters comin' -- monsters comin'!"

As I said to somebody a few nights ago, "It's a full moon -- anybody feel hairy?"
Isn't it just loads of fun to throw your head back and let out a big ol' howl?  With me it  always sounds like Lon Chaney channeled through Count Floyd ....
A few days later, Araya was at her house, and I had to watch by myself when I finished the movie.  Such a great synthesis of story, actors, music, and directing!

I wondered why the amulet Larry gave Gwen earlier didn't protect her at the very end.  Maybe she left it at home...
It's a little interesting that the above illustration doesn't show the silver-headed cane that was the instrument of Father killing (transformed) Son.  Maybe this was so that any casual viewer who doesn't know the story will think that Sir John Talbot is just trying to wake up his hairy little boy.
The way you walked was thorny, through no fault of your own...
See you tomorrow for some audio excitement!

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