Tuesday, October 01, 2013

MA-60 - Midnite Jinx Show!


We kick off this year’s BLOG-O-WEEN with the Halloween compilation for 2013 …


MA-60 - Midnite Jinx Show!

1:     The Uncanny Film Festival & Camp Meeting Intro     Mazeppa Pompazoidi     (1:34)
2:    Graveyard Boogie         Buster Doss & His Arkansas Playboys   (2:36)
3:     Theme from "Young Frankenstein" Madeira (2:44)
4:    The Purple People Eater       Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages    (2:40)
5:     Horror Movies    Dickie Goodman            (1:57)
6:    "House of Frankenstein" Main Title        Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra     (3:09)
7:     The Mechanical Man    Bent Bolt and the Nuts   (2:12)
8:    Hearse On A Surfari    Ding & Bat        (1:49)
9:    Night On Disco Mountain      David Shire       (5:07)
10:   Frankenstein      New York Dolls (5:57)
11:    Evil Eye      Al Saxon           (2:25)
12:   Hallowe'en Dance (1909)     American Symphony Orchestra   (2:03)
13:   Halloween Siouxsie and the Banshees        (3:34)
14:   Weeds Above My Grave Jo Ann Stokes   (2:33)
15:   The Screemin' Meemies from Planet X     Merv Griffin       (2:57)
16:   Trick or Treat     Otis Redding     (3:10)
17:   Scope Them Turkeys Out!      Natural Brass Company (featuring Dr Mazeppa Pompazoidi)         (3:08)
18:   Skeleton Frolics (1937)      Joe DeNat        (7:05)
19:   Zombie Lou The Johnson Brothers    (2:06)
20:   The Transylvania Twist         Baron Daemon and the Vampires            (2:05)
21:   The Night Before Halloween          Bill Buchanan    (2:05)
22:   The Skeleton Fight       Mack Allen        (2:37)
23:   Where Danger Lurks   Ronald Hanmer (1:35)
24:   Something from the Twilight Zone         Barry Ray (Rich Cutcher)           (2:02)
25:   Nudist Colony of the Dead    Joyce Mordoh    (3:41)
26:   It's Halloween     Capsela            (2:47)
27:   Why Can't This Night Go on Forever (1932)   Isham Jones and His Orchestra  (2:58)

This year’s compilation features musical memories from my youth growing up in Bartlesville, OK.  We watched Tulsa TV stations, and from 1970 to 1973, Mazeppa Pompazoidi -- http://www.mazeppa.com/Mazeppa1.html -- ruled the airwaves Saturday nights after the late movie, which began around 10:30PM.  In other words, it stared around 1AM and ended around 3:30AM.

Track 01 is the “Mazeppa Theme,” assembled by station staff from old clip music.  Yes, it plays through forwards, then backwards, then forwards again.  Those crazy engineers!  The music ACTUALLY APPEARED this way on TV for a while.

Track 17 is the A-side of a 1970 45rpm released in the Tulsa area to cash in on the Mazeppa craze.

The last track was used as the end titles for Mazeppa’s show, and this feeling not only applies to those teenage Saturday nights at 3:30 in the morning, but also to the wondrous Halloween of our imaginations!  Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever?


Over the next month we’ll share my earlier Halloween compilations and lots of other creepy, scary, FUN stuff!  Mostly, coloring books and other kids’ hands-on stuff from the 1960s and beyond!  See you here every day for … Blog-o-Ween!

Here is the original of this year's cover art ....
And now ... start spookin'!


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Can't do any spookin' with an undead link! Liberate its soul! Bring back its voice!


Mark Alfred said...

2020 LINK: http://www.filefactory.com/file/77wsou1iq34l/MA-60.rar

Spooky Mizu said...

Thanks for the exhumation!

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