Monday, July 01, 2013

SoonerCon Is Over, Let Me Catch My Breath ...

 SoonerCon 22  was an amazing feat here in Oklahoma City.  We had between 1500-2000 people all having SF/Fantasy fun.  Plus we raised money for a great charity,  Anna's House.

Our annual Saturday Night Dance was themed "Superhero Prom."  (FUN FACT:  Did you know that the phrase "superhero" and all its hyphenated/capitalized variations is a jointly held copyright by DC Comics and Marvel Comics?)

There were quite a few Superman capes.  One great Abby from NCIS, and others.  Check TwitterFace for others.

Also was some guy as "The Flush," a sewage worker who was hit by the backsplash from a nuclear power plant's toilet water and gained superpowers to clean up crime.

Note the toothbrushes on the helmet and the chest emblem which is a toilet over which are a plunger and a toilet scrub-brush.

I think The Flush used to be more slender once, because the front of his long johns is held together by industrial safety pins.

The doubtful girl happens to be my daughter Julie.

SoonerCon 23  will be June 27-29, 2014 with Glen Cook as our Writer Guest of Honor, many more to be added.

See you next week with something more substantial!  -- as if The Flush weren't substantial enough! I thought super-speed made you burn calories ...


See you next week!

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