Monday, December 03, 2012

Star Trek Models Instructions

Even when the models are broken or lost, the instructions are still kicking around the Fortress of Markitude.

Model kits like this Command Bridge set raised up a whole generations of nerds.

See how on the above page we have IDENTIFICATIONS for the different pie-shaped pieces -- "Defense Deck," "Environmental Deck" and so on? 

Something makes me wonder if these labels were actually dictated by Matt Jefferies or Gene Coon or somebody involved with the show; or if they were just nifty-sounding labels that somebody at Paramount Licensing or AMT came up with.

Nevertheless, you could build this kit and then, while watching an episode, try and identify where Chekov or some unnamed crewman was standing, to see if they were doing defense-deck things, or whatever.
You'll note that Spock and Sulu got to roam the Bridge at will, while the poor Captain was stuck sitting around.  While he was "made for" the Command Chair, you might be able to perch him precariously on one of the other little chairs.

That's assuming your pesky little brother or sister or didn't lose some of the pieces or start teething on them!

"Mom!  Bobby's chewing on Mr Spock's feet again!"


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