Friday, November 16, 2012

Our First Hate Mail!

I should probably be thrilled that it has taken so long to recveive a bona fide electronic slap in the face.  But yesterday evening, somebody took the trouble to attempt to leave the following insightful comment:

you suck.

And, to nobody's surprise, this bit of contructive criticism bore the tagline "Anonymous."

On the bright side, this means the sender is safe from receving the tons of condemnation and righteous indignation that would doubtless come from you, my loyal readers.  Right?


At any rate, I hate to deny somebody their freedom of speech, so that's why I thought I would share.  I must admit, however, my first reactions were (choose one):

--  Takes one to know one!

--  I'm rubber, you're glue.  It'll bounce off me and stick to YOU!

--  Twinkle twinkle little star, what you say is what you are!

Well, now that I have elevated the discussion to such lofty levels, I'll sign off until Monday.  Feel free to comment (if you can come up with something more insightful than "you suck," that is ...)!


1 comment:

Gernot said...

If he even THOUGHT his mother would be reading this, he'd've written something a LITTLE bit more mature! ;)

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