Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Super Cups (5)

These are more of the 7-11 DC Super-Cups that I bought from a dealer a few years ago at SoonerCon.

 Here we have Curt Swan art, an edit from the wonderful Superman Family portrait that glorified the back of a Superman Annual.  Here's a Dial B for Blog linkthat shows the art.

Ma and Pa Kent, featured below, are as drawn by regular Superboy artist George Papp.  Here's some of Papp's art for the momentous tale in Superboy 90 where Pete Ross learned Clark's identity as Superboy.

See you next week!

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Gernot said...

Dang! I always wanted to get DC's cups, but my local 7-11 only had the Marvel cups the few times I was able to get there. I DID get the one with the X-Men, and maybe one or two more, but they all got the art washed off! LOL :)

I wonder how many people THAT happened to? ;)

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