Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lily-Livered Conspiracy!

Today I came across this thing...

And it intrigues me because it is a TRANSPARENT ATTEMPT to pre-empt a desired dialog over our masked vigilante defenders.  Here is an actual copy of The New Frontiersman of the times in question:

One way in which you can tell that the first example is a modern fabrication is simply its prose style.  An actual newpaper, expecially from the 1980s, would have a paragraph indent (typically five spaces) at the beginning ov each paragraph.  Instead, the pretender adds a blank line in between graphs, and starts the new paragraph flush left, in the new "internewt" style.

This stylistic bungle PROVES the modern provenance of this "back-dated" slander.

So, beware of plagiarisms.  Our esteemed president Nixon has at times dropped hints about various "dirty tricks" undertaken by his opponents, the shady left-leaners of the lavender persuasion.

Well, the dirty tricks are upon us!  I implore you to stay true to the PURITY OF PURPOSE expressed by our hooded heroes.

Here is a more accurate depiction of our hero, Rohrschach:

Beware the insidious attempts of the spineless wheedlers who try to sneak their protestations of moderation into the life-and-death issues of ORDER and CONTROL!


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Mark Alfred said...

This comment was so outré that I JUST HAD to let it stand. -- Mark

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