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MA-52 - Adventures of Superman - original MUTEL catalog recordings

Most of you will remember my tale of ordering a couple of audio cassettes in the early 1990s from a now-defunct company called Vintage Soundtrak after reading an article about them in STARLOG magazine.

The article told the strange and sordid story of how music used in the Adventures of Superman and other syndicated TV shows of the 1950s came to be. It was a story of commercial repression and international subterfuge, with payoffs and assumed identities.

One of my first themes compilations was MA-03 - Adventures of Superman - Original MUTEL Soundtrack Recordings. This disc is an expansion, rerecorded versions of all of that disc's material plus another twelve or so selections.

As you already know, the Varese Sarabande label released a disc of Adventures of Superman music about ten years ago. My earlier release was music not heard on that commercial release.

But now I am including ALL the music purchased long ago and embodied on those two cassettes.

This orgy of sharing was spurred by the kind and insightful comments of an anonymous correspondent, who told me that not only were some of the Varese Sarabande selections EDITED to sound more like their Superman presentation, but also that my "version" of identical material sounded of a better quality than the commercial disc! What a compliment.

Also, one of the cues on my disc was in fact two cues that needed to be separated, and one or two cues were misnamed. This has all been corrected now.

Here are the tracks:

01. Mysterioso (2:13)

02. Wax Museum (1:32)

03. Build to Sting (0:18)

04. Frantic Rhythm (1:53)

05. Violin Scream (1:19)

06. The Getaway (0:57)

07. Fight (3:13)

08. Jump the Fence! (1:19)

09. Queasy (1:34)

10. Deserted Village (1:33)

11. Rip Through Fear (1:03)

12. Face at the Window (1:44)

13. Eerie Oboe (1:22)

14. Flute to Finale (0:53)

15. Night of Terror (2:29)

16. Sad Romance (1:20)

17. Monkey Mystery (1:18)

18. Airport (0:37)

19. Slow Carousel (0:46)

20. Radio Waltz (1:43)

21. Tango (2:09)

22. Silsby Pastorale (1:43)

23. Life and Death (2:28)

24. Romantic Interlude (1:54)

25. Blue Melody (1:41)

26. World of Tomorrow (3:10)

27. Menace (1:34)

28. City Desk (1:21)

29. Sword of Damocles (2:56)

30. Cat Burglar (1:28)

31. Atlantic Rollers (2:09)

32. Solemn Moment (1:31)

33. Sea Power (1:35)

34. Scotland Yard (2:59)

35. Prelude to Crime (0:24)

36. Crime Doesn't Pay (2:47)

37. Changing Moods I (3:01)

38. Changing Moods II (2:48)

39. Humorous In & Out (0:34)

40. Chameleon Moods (2:40)

41. Free for All (1:35)

42. Hope Abandoned (2:47)

43. Arctic Wastes (2:25)

New Link as of August 2013:

I hope you too can thrill along with me, reliving times of childhood adventure. And thanks again to the correspondent for all his help and insight.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't this link work, or is it just my computer?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the link work, or is it just my computer?

Mark Alfred said...

Link fixed

Enio said...

OH,Boy....Am I too late to request another new link?Loved this SUPERMAN and the music when I was a kid.
When you have a lettle time,Mark Alfred,you´ll make me a very happy man!THANK YOU!

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