Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"The Success Story" - first part

Here is the last tale from 1968's Eerie #13. 

A few years ago, when Robby Reed over at Dial B for Blog was talking about the studio set up by Bob Kane for Batman, I got in on the action.  You see, Robby quoted a LOT of folks who said that about all Bob Kane had to do as the creator of Batman, after finally "making it," was to come in and write the "Bob Kane" box on the splash panel.  robby listed various writers, inkers, and pencillers.  What else was there for Kane to do?

This discussion reminded me of a story I had read long ago, in an issue of Eerie magazine.

The first half of the story:

Hmmm..  what's going to happen next?

See you Friday!

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