Friday, June 24, 2011

Part 1 of "Wentworth's Day!"

Here we have the contents page & first half of "Wentworth's Day," which I read when I was nine or so, and was my first known exposure to anything having to do with that Great Old One, HP Lovecraft.

Wait!  I take that back!  BEFORE I read this story, I had read Ray Bradbury's story "Pillar of Fire," in which a reanimated corpse goes into the library of a sanitized future society and askes for a book on Lovecraft.  "Is that a sex book?" inquires the librarian.  When I first read Bradbury's story, I had NO IDEA that this exchange was a dirty pun, a joke on Bradbury's part.

Anyway, here are the first pages of Eerie13.  This story, "Wentwoprth's Day," is kind of like an unholy spawn of a Lovecraftian "strange book in an old house" tale and a standard EC corpse-revenge story.

Unlike some of my childhood crushes, these Eerie stories retain their cheesy charm.  I guess that means I grew up cheesy too.

We leave you know with salesman Hadley beginning to learn more than he wishes about the accident that happened to Nahum Wentworth.

The rest of this shaggy bog story on Monday!

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