Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Let's Flash!

Over the next few days I'll be pulling out some TV Guide clippings on that late lamented CBS TV show, the Flash.

La La Land Records still has copies of their 2-CD soundtrack release from the TV show.  This is great stuff, folks!

Now, I can understand quibbling about the lack of Iris West after the first episode, the addition of Earl the dog, and so on.  But this was a fun TV show, with an actual attempt to put this silly idea into a world at least similar to our world.

When his superspeed kicks in, suddenly, Barry runs to Catalina, burns off half his clothes through friction, and has to wipe out a pizza buffet to restock his starved cells.  This scene may have introduced this energy-consumption idea to the comics.  Does anybody know for sure?

Starting Friday evening, we'll share a few days loking back on The Flash.

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