Monday, January 24, 2011

Words from Our Sponsors

The next three pages of Superman 180 are ad pages.

The first of the three features a half-page Cocoa Puffs ad.  In case you didn't know what to call him, he is "The Cuckoo Bird."  Now, I don't know about "a laugh a minute," but the Bird's crack to his Gramps about picking on a guitar not the Bird is at least as funny as some of my jokes. 

Most of my jok --

OK, OK!  ALL of my jokes.  He's as funny as ALL OF MY JOKES!  Anyway ...

The bottom half of the page features an ad for send-away blueprints for various wheeled contraptions.  Man, in my opinion it would be really bad to build a unicycle and not be able to ride it.  That would be just about my speed.

I bet the put-put motor bike uses a lawn-mower engine.

Our second page of ads is a public-service announcement.  I think this character had a name, Pee-Wee, but I'm not sure.  Whatever his name is, the point certainly comes across effectively.  (Now if about a zillion percent of the people who read the thing would actually change their behavior.)

The next page from our 1966 comic features a familiar ad for that world-famous amusement park.  Good Ol' Whats-Its-Name!  (just kidding, with a riff on an old Peanuts gag)  Do you recall that song from the 1960s with the line "You'll never know how a kiss can feel 'til you're stuck at the top of a ferris wheel, that's when I fell in love, doan at Palisades Park!" ?

Well, that song referred to this place.  Also, did you know that the Gong Show guy, Chuck Barris, wrote that song?!?! It's true!

Now, this kid from Oklahoma never made it to Palisades Park.  Whenever I would read these ads, I would wonder why somebody would cut up a perfectly good comic book, just for a coupon.

Now, the George Barris features in the bottom half of this page IS NOT the same Barris as the Palisades Park guy.  He was a famous car customizer, and has been hired to help shill some car models for AMT.

The only models I ever owned by AMT were the Star Trek ships.  Everything else for me was the Aurora Monsters, Man!

See you later on in the week for the continuation of our story, "Clark Kent's Great Superman Hunt!"

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