Monday, August 16, 2010

RorschWEEK Number 3

OK, this is going to be longer than a week, until we share all the workings of my benighted little brain, at least in regards to the infamous set of Rorschach images.  They're infamous not only because they were the inspiration for Alan Moore's character, but because they were DELIBERATELY intended to provoke the viewer to see "things" whose mentioning would make the viewer seem deeply disturbed, to tne analyst well-trained in their use.

Don't forget, you can't have "analysis" without "anal."

Here is Rorschach blot number three.  Look deeply at it and decide what you see in the image.

Then see if you don't agree with me that, at first glance, Rorschach blot number 3 reminds you of:
some tribal folks who've been shopping for new purses!

Until next time, ruminate on Rorschach blot number four.  What do you see?

(Surely not Wonder Warthog!?!)

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