Thursday, July 22, 2010

aka "Make Money! Get Prizes!"

You know, this is the first time after reading a million comics that, along with all the other come-ons from this ad for the Junior Sales Club of America, "You can get this OFFICIAL J.S.C.A. BADGE."

Now, what would you do with this badge, anywho? Show it to your teacher as an excuse for being tardy? Tell your mom that you were late coming home from school because of OFFICIAL J.S.C.A. business?

Or maybe you could just show it to the cranky lady at the end of the block after she threatens to call the police because you rang her doorbell.

Now, the cards are $1.25 per box (a little steep for 1964, I think) but yet making 50 cents off each box sounds like a good deal. Assuming that twenty other kids at your school weren't pitching in the same neighborhoods!

I can just imagine some little old lady or man with an inability to say no, and with a closetful of greeting cards with nobody to send 'em to. *sniff*

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