Sunday, April 04, 2010

Workin' on a Groovy Thing

Well, I hope so! Our page-by-page survey of Superman 171 has been paused by many things. Right now, I'm in the midst of a switchover from Windows XP to Windows 7, and a different computer that has multi-generations of RAM improvements. So while I learn one and clean out the other, please bear with me.

This little jewel came into the Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago. In my online searches for what the heck it's called, I came across the term "hand-drum." As you can imagine, you hold the stick and with your fingers spin the thing rapidly in opposite directions. Centrifugal force pulls the little balls out and when you reverse direction on the spin, the balls strike the membrane, hends the term "drum." This Super hand-drum was made in Eduador, as declared by its sticker. Wow, our hero is known around the world, eh!?!
Hope to scan and share more from Superman 171 soon!

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