Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, I had to type that Photobucket link by hand, so I hope it's right!

Today, in our page-by-page survey of Superman 171, we begin the second of its three stories. According to the Comic-Book Database, Jerry Siegel wrote it. As you can tell by the masterful lines, Curt Swan provided the art. What a team!

Here we have the beginning of "The Curse of Magic," with the splash panel providing a pretty good clue what's going on.

In a pretty similar fashion to those extraterrestrial creeps from the first story, ol' Mxyzptlk just swoops in with his own agenda, and damned be the consequences.

Our story begins with Superman swooping by to perform a small service for a theatre owner whose sign was damaged in a wind storm. Hmmm, the two "L"s in "William" were dislodged. What a strange twist of fate!

This provides Superman with the chance to ruminate on that weird ol' double-L confluence that he notices so much.

Next time, we'll get into the meat of the tale, with a visit from a little ol' sociopath from the 5th Dimension!

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