Monday, June 01, 2009

Getcher Action Fleet Right Here!

Here are the come-ons for the afore-mentioned punch-out Star Trek Action Fleet.

If you bought a six-count package of Twix (or maybe other Mars candies), this starburst ad directed you to the ordering directions on back.

I don't know exactly when I sent off for the thing, but notice that the envelope is postmarked for February 1981, after the promotion's end.

Also notice that the label was hand-typed. Also, that the package is addressed to "Matt alfred," who was not born until 1983! I sure don't know why I used the already-chosen name of our not-yet-conceived firstborn, but there it is.

This is the insert that told you to follow the directions printed on the individual die-cut sheets.
Have Fun and Learn about Outer Space

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