Thursday, May 07, 2009

And the Winners Are ...

As you can see, the Number One winner was my pal Larry Nemecek, future author of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, among other nifty tomes.

But I came in Number Two (I tried harder?). Notice the artistic underlining.

And for prizes, I got a STTMP poster, and this cool-beans belt buckle, only slightly the worse for nearly thirty years' worth of wear ...

Next week, let's Trek into the 1980s!

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Frederick said...


I have just mentioned your Star Trek month and linked to you on today's entry of my blog. I'm so excited that you are a fellow ST fan from way back like I am, and I am enjoying your clippings. I'm also very gratified to see your profession of faith, that is so rare nowadays! Thanks for your bravery there, as well as that which you displayed by actually showing the picture of your younger self in uniform, ears and giving the Vulcan salute! I swore on the skull of a dead pirate that I would never, ever post my picture of me doing the same thing!!!!


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