Monday, March 23, 2009

Check Out Some Old Time Radio!

Have you heard any of the original Superman radio shows from the 1940s? You can enter a world of imagination where Bud Collyer simply has to drop his voice an octave to go from Clark Kent to Superman.

It was on the Superman radio show that Jimmy Olsen got his name; where Superman first met Batman; and where Kryptonite was first introduced to the Man of Steel.

Anyway, if you want a chance to listen to some of those thrilling days of yesteryear, hop on over to visit my friend Jon at the Old Time Radio Catalog,

You can find suspense tales, westerns, soap operas, and -- oh yeah -- superheroics! You can order shows on CD in either CDA or MP3 format.

Jon features great specials and daily free downloads. Plus, he also is nice enough to read this blog!

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