Saturday, January 31, 2009

Does This Cape Make Me Look Fat?: Pop Psychology for Superheroes

Now available at your local Big Lots!, this is a fun little tome that's silly all the way.

It's a semi-serious take on a self-image-boosting book for any superhero stupid enough to believe something they'd read in a self-help book.

Covered are topics such as that addressed in the title/cover image, what sidekick choices reveal about your parent/child issues, how to select a costume or superhero name that's impressive yet not trashy, and so on.

It's a fun little read, peopled by variations on ten or so figures in varying versions of a few outfits, giving you the literary impression afforded on the TV screen by Filmation's DC superheroes cartoons.

Smart yet silly, flashy yet trashy, this is a really fun book.

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