Friday, December 19, 2008

Compare and Contrast!

While reading a fine old comic, Action 288, I was struck by the final panel in the title story, "The Man Who Exposed Superman!" There's a fine drawing by Curt Swan showing Clark Kent, with Krypto, standing in front of the abandoned Kent home in Smallville.

Something about their stance struck a chord in my memory, and soon I was able to place where I'd seen that image before -- on the cover of the 9/11 comic, volume 1.
Anyway, that's what's roaming about the little grey cells this evening.
Have a great weekend!


Michael said...

Chip Kidd's book on Alex Ross, "Mythology", says that the 9/11 cover was inspired by the cover to "The Big All-American Comic Book" #1 (1944). There was a boy and his dog on the original cover.

However, I'm not sure if you can say that the Superman/Krypto pose came from that old comic - how many times did we see the two of them in similar poses?

Allen Ross said...

Of course, the 9-11 book is really a tribute to the cover of the Big All-American Comic Book from 1944; see here:

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