Sunday, October 12, 2008

See and Read at the Earth's Core

You know, plenty of mythology says that there are bad guys in the supposedly hollow reaches of the underground Earth. Deros, trolls, what have you.

Well, it appears that Darkseid is down there too! At least some of the time, anyway.
Man, those Kryptonite chains must hurt! Makes you wonder why nobody ever came up with Green-K underwear as an instrument of torture.
Oops, oh yeah! These are comic books, not S&M movies.
At any rate, dear correspondents, I fear that I can't provide a review of the fine story. I've never watched the tape.
Since it's called "See and Read," my first thought is that this thing came with a book. Then I thought it would be kind of clumsy to br reading a book while watching a video.
So maybe you read words on the screen instead. I don;t know.
But if I ever get around to watching the video, I'll pass on the news!

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