Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not Bad for 15 Years in the Freezer

In 1993, my friend John Hunter, then co-owner of Planet Comics in Oklahoma City, came back from a Comicon with not only a "undercover" video of ABC's promo for its fall series Lois & Clark -- he also brought a present *just* for me.

It's a chocolate Lois & Clark bar! As you can see by the Skybox logo, it was probably a promo for some trading cards issued by Skybox in tandem with the new series.

It's a shame it's cracked into pieces, but here it is in all its not-too-destroyed glory. It's on its way to outlasting two freezers. It's withstood at least a couple of multi-day power outages.

Not bad for a 15-year-old chocolate bar!

Nerdy enough for ya?


JohnnyNVA said...

Yeah...but does it taste good? :)

Can't believe you have kept it for this long!

Anonymous said...

I still have a Rocketeer backpack from the movie premiere that Planet Comics did. I love that thing and I will have it forever. Still in pristine condition even. Its so funny the stuff we collect...

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