Monday, January 07, 2008

A Super Dictionary. I Am Talking About a Book with Definitions

This is the Super Dictionary from the 1970s. It uses silly art of DC characters for didactic definitions that always use the meaning in a sentence.

Like, Braniac says, "Good morning Superman! In this time of day after sunrise and before noon I am going to murder Lois Lane and rape Krypto with a probe! It will be a good morning for me but not a good morning for you!"

(This definition of morning is not used in the Super Dictionary.)

BTW, I have a copy of this for sale on Amazon, along with a bunch of other fan and nonfan items. End of commercial!
The art may be by Alex Toth, or one of the Kuberts. Where else but on this book's back cover can you get such a fine view of so many superheroes' derrieres?
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Allen Ross said...

I have a copy of this too. The cover art is signed by Joe Kubert. If I remember correctly, the interior art is a combination of panels from comics, and new art by the Joe Kubert school.

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