Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Like the Old Ways (*sigh*)

Here's another Kenner action figure card, for "Ultra Shield Superman."

He's got a special armored suit. However, there's no notice given as to what the suit is made of.

And the entire head area is visible. Since Green Kryptonite rays contain visible light, then I would think that at least SOME of the Green K radiation could get through that glass.

And, since Kryptonite is not "super-tough" but actually described as brittle in the "original documents" (Silver Age, that is), Supes DOESN'T NEED" a "powerful blasting rocket" -- except maybe to sell action figures?

Anyway, here's a glimpse of an original Ultra Shield Superman -- the lead suit devised by Mister Super-Scientist to battle Luthor in Action #249 after Luthor drinks a Green-K cocktail to become ... "The Kryptonite Man!"
Thank you children, and good-night.

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