Friday, August 17, 2007

In Honor of the Upcoming Watchmen Movie ...

You'll recall that the scent "Nostalgia" was one of Adrian Veidt's heavily advertised products.

Did you know that "Nostalgia" was a REAL fragrance? Here's a magazine ad from 1956.

Somewhere in my wanderings across the Earth, and my going to and fro upon it, I came upon a box that once held a canister of Nostalgia dusting powder (and doubtless a "powder puff" too).

Well, to satisfy all you fanatical types (almost as fanatical as me) ... here's YOUR OWN Nostalgia box to make and show off!
The real thing is just past 5 1/2 inches square. Cut out, fold, and glue, using the tabs shown by the grey lines.
Et voila, you too can have the right decorative item to sing Billie Holliday's "You're My Thrill" to that special someone.

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Tamara said...

Very cool. I'm still not sure about a Watchmen movie. The comic is so perfect why does it need movie treatment? Does it add legitimacy to the work? No. I'll keep with my wait and see attitude.

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